“Secrets of Success” series held at Women’s University

We held the “Secrets of Success” series of workshops at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University.

”The secret to MOMO-TARO’s success.”

Learning project management through folklore stories

Hosted by Career English Island

Project management is explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Here’s your chance to learn a new, cutting-edge method that’s different from learning English.
It has already become the norm in the corporate world and has international qualifications.
It might give you some tips for job hunting and interviews.

Date and time: 15 June 2011 (water) 3 limits
Venue: Classroom 9205

The award ceremony was held for junior and senior high school students challenging their project management skills!

The second round of the 8th BBCoach Project judging was held on May 29th (Sun.), 2011 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Apple Store Ginza 3rd floor theater room.

J-Media Award “Project E.S“.
The goods were awarded to four members for the right to use the bookkeeping third level course in “accounting support”.

Dynamic.tv award “World Wing“.
The goods were awarded to two members for one month’s use on “dynamic.tv”.

BBCoach runner-up prize “Little glue lab
The product was Apple’s “iTunes Apps Card,” which was awarded to four members.

Coach of the Year Award “Mr. Takashi Aota
The product is Apple’s “iTunes Apps Card”.

Congratulations to everyone! Certificates of commendation were issued for each award.。