Introduction of PM at Seigakuin Junior and Senior High School!

Led by Mr. Kazuya Takahashi, a teacher at Seigakuin Junior and Senior High School, an attempt is about to be made to introduce the idea of project management in a private integrated junior and senior high school. Mr. Yanagisawa, the president of the school, is one of my seniors and juniors in a university seminar, but we both have a passion for reforming the educational scene. Yanagisawa participated as a supervising university faculty member.

The first introductory class will begin on June 16, 2012. This introductory class was developed as an activity of the Project Management Incubation Association.

The key point is how the teachers in the field are receptive to it.

This time it’s about how project management can be put to good use in running a summer school, which is an annual event. I’m going to work with my teachers for two years to think it through together.

It will be implemented with the support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Association of Private Junior and Senior High Schools.