Japan is finally sending out information!

On May 18, 2013, the Project Management Incubation Institute (PMAI) will host the 1st Japan PBL Symposium at Seigakuin Junior and Senior High School in Kita-ku, Tokyo.

Since its establishment in 2009, PMAI has worked with junior high schools, high schools, universities and boards of education to provide project management training and project-based learning recommendations and support. The membership is made up of active project managers and educators who are active in Japan’s leading companies. In 2012, the organization received the Achievement Award from the Kanto Engineering Education Association and the Japan Engineering Education Association.

It will also provide time to think about recent trends in education, including the voices of teachers, students, and students, as well as examples of past practices in the field. In addition, the latest information from the U.S. and other countries will be provided, and discussions will be held with a focus on project practice education.

Participation is free.

Opening day: May 18, 2013 (Earth) 13:30~16:45

Venue: Lecture Hall, Holy College High School (North Tokyo)

Organizer: NPO Project Management Incubation Association


  • Outline of Project Based Learning (PBL) and its approaches
  • an overview of the history of PBL
  • recommendations for the promotion of PBL in Japan from the translation of the PBL Handbook
  • PBL practice report (10 minutes for each school)
    Seigakuin High School
    Matsuyama Joshi High School
  • Introduction of PBL activities in the U.S. (October 2012 inspection report)
    Buck Institute Education (BIE)
    New Technology High School
  • Panel Discussion
    Challenges and Future Developments in PBL Practice with Participation of Junior High and High School Teachers

Thank you for your support for the 10th BBCOACH PROJECT (PROJECT BASED LEARNING WEB CONTEST!).

The results of the assessment are as follows.

BBCoach Grand Prize.
The Boys Who Make Miracles (Web)
Giveaway: Smartphone and iPhone tripods

Japan Media Education Award
The Boys Who Make Miracles (Web)
Giveaway: copyright-free images, e-Learning license accounting support “Bookkeeping Level 3

Project Management Incubation Association Award
Yoshida-gumi” (Web)
Giveaway: calendar (NEC), e-Learning license iPhone application “Project Management Essence” three-session license

Fastest Step Award.
“Cat’s eye” (Web)
Premiums: Miraikan goods, iPhone + Android app development rights (support for making apps for this work)

J-Web School Award
La La La La Lauren Lauren (Web)
Giveaways: memory stick, e-Learning licensed iPhone app “High School Graduate Certification”, essay preparation book

Women’s Team Award.
‘Team Matsujo’ (ebook for iBooks)
Prize: Calendar (NEC)

Coach of the Year Award.
Mr. Hiroaki Irikura
Ms. Kyoko Kimura
Giveaway: a whistle for the coach

Keio Shimizu, President, NPO Project Management Incubation Association
Yoshio Otsuka, Representative Director, Japan Media Education Co.
Representative Director, Soji Ueda, Jutheme Inc.
Junichi Kimura, Solution Development Department, Fastep, Inc.
Kyoko Kaminaga, Teacher, Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior and Senior High School