We are training learning coaches.


[Learning Coach Pro]

01 Virtual Public School trains “learning coaches”. Since 1999, we have been training “learning coaches” who are active in various fields. It is a project that conveys the essence of a learning coach, which is different from business coaching. We cultivate hands-on learning coaches who communicate with real learners, not just desk-based learning.


First License

Those who have attended the prescribed training and earned a certificate of completion. You will learn the basic stance of a learning coach.

Research fee: 10,000 yen

Training period: 8 days (6 days are online training)


Proficiency License

First licensees who have taken the course after one or more years of learning coaching experience and have earned a certificate. You will be asked to share examples of learning coaches in action.

Research fee: 10,000 yen

Training period: 8 days (6 days are online training)


Master License

This license is issued to those who have earned a Proficiency License, have at least three years of work experience, and have published their official academic achievements.

License issuance fee: 10,000 yen

You will be asked to submit the necessary documents.


The “BBCoach Project” is looking for an experiential learning coach. Qualifications are high school and above.


01 e-coach, a virtual English cram school, is looking for a learning coach with a First license or higher.


The ’01 Virtual Public School’ diploma course is looking for a learning coach with Proficiency or above.

For more information, please contact us.

Any time, any place, any person, any tool.

ICT is a technology, but technology brings people together.

What kind of learning will we continue to do in an environment free from the constraints of time and place? I hope to always be one step ahead and move forward with you.

We provide the above environment for “learners”, but we also free up space for “learning coaches” to work. We hope to continue to provide new workplaces for those who, for whatever reason, have not been able to play an active role in the past.

Learning Coach (Master Certificate)


Tomio Yanagisawa