PBL:Video Production Workshop!

On Saturday, June 21, 2014, a video production workshop was held at Abiko Nikaido High School. PBL through School Publicity Video Production” Part 2: Video Production Course Curriculum Design: Katsumi Takahashi Curriculum Production: Tomio Yanagisawa Lecture: Tomio Yanagisawa Assistant: Koji Uemura Cooperation: GIGAVISION Junji Sakurai 00 Project Review
01 Learn that there is a meaning to video and that there is a way to convey it easily
0101 Searching for a frame
0102 Visual Expression of Emotions
02 Learning the structure of a story (Momotaro’s story structure mapping)
0201 Making a story that goes and then returns
03 Learn the basics of video technology (making PM documents and making trailers using iMovie)
0301 Making a Trailer Movie The workshop was full of contents, but the teachers participated in the workshop, and we could see that the participants’ motivation improved. In the future, we plan to provide a learning coaching service using SNS and keep a record of the project.