PBL free trial contest

BBCoach Project:12th contest for 2014 is now open for submissions!

The Project Based Learning Web Contest has been running since 2003.
The program provides an environment that fosters independent learners who will be able to thrive in society through collaboration with learning coaches and other members of society.

We have received participation from junior high schools, high schools, universities, NPOs, and free schools.
More and more students are taking advantage of this experience to go on to higher education.

This contest is not limited to educational settings, but is open to working adults as learning coaches, high school students and older, and adults.

It is a place where you can interact with different generations, form a community connected to the wider society, and support the development of creators. We look forward to your support.

It is a learning environment where students can challenge their own self-expression on the Internet with free ideas.

It is also a project-based learning contest where you can naturally learn about goal setting, role assignment, communication, teamwork, and the importance of records by working on a project within the SNS community.
It also serves as a training ground for learning coaches to support the new learning environment.
The content is up to the participants, from game production to video production.
However, it is important that the content can be reproduced on any model and that it is universal design-conscious.
It is a learning environment where project-based learning is practiced.
You’ll get better ratings when you participate as a team than when you participate as an individual.
If you participate while connecting and communicating over the internet, your reputation will be higher.
They will be evaluated on how well they can keep a record.
As a learning coach, a wide range of social supporters have joined us on the net.
Teams that connect with college students and working adults will be appreciated.
It can be used in school classes, or it can be attended by people who are not in school.
(Anyone who belongs to a free school or an organization that is not recognized as a school is welcome to participate.

October 2014 – Registration begins
November 30, 2014 Individual registration deadline.
December 31, 2014 Team registration deadline.
February 28, 2015 First round deadline
End of March 2015 Second round of judging

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