BBCOACH PROJECT is interesting!

Project-based learning is slowly gaining traction. I’ve also started to hear about the efforts being made by school boards across the country.

BBCoach Project is a web contest that has been running since 2003, and the way it works is exactly the way Project Based Learning works. It is a very convenient learning environment where you can experience the quintessence of PBL without having to do any research, just by experiencing the contest.

This year, the Academic Coaching Society was established. BBCoach Project is also open to members of the workforce as learning coaches. It’s all about providing a place to practice learning coaching.

In addition, BBCoach Project takes care of the communication log of the project period, which project management considers important. In order to avoid a crisis as soon as possible, it is very important to keep a record of the flow of such communication.

This is a great contest because it gives you the opportunity to experience the same work process as a working person from childhood.