English presentation contest by junior high and high school students, and BBCoach Project were both held in Keio University

Two events, “the Secondary Selection of the 13th BBCoach Project – from learning log to PBL” and “Predict 2020! – logically in English” were held on Saturday 26 March 2016.

We are very pleased to have more than 100 visitors in total for two events.

Thank you so much for your attendance.

These events were held at the room101, the first building of Mita campus in Keio University.  Details are as follows;

Morning Part (10:30-12:00): Predict 2020!

Opening Address

Mr. Tomio Yanagisawa, the chairman of the International Learning Program Research Committe

The committee arranged an opportunity to make presentations for the learners under PBL environment with leading media contents.  I hope you share the activities of the learners who will create the future.


・Presentation 1
“Future Characteristics of Education in 2020”

Kai Kimoto (The First-year student in Tokyo Inter-High School)

This was the first time for him to make a presentation in English.  The materials with AFP photos were adopted as the image of characteristics.


Presentation 2
“South Sudan in 2020”

Tatsuhiro Shiina (The second-year student in Senri International high School of Kwansei Gakuin)

He analyzed the future in South Sudan according to five scenarios with a political point of view.  The articles quoting from AFP news were effective.


Presentation 3
“What Year 2020 Looks Like from a Medical Perspective”

“What Year 2020 Looks Like from a Medical Perspective”

Mireina Fukada (the first-year student in Tokyo Inter-High School)

She presented the perspectives of the medical field, adopting AFP forum based on the scholar’s reports.


Presentation 4


“The Perspectives of the Internet in the Social Welfare in 2020”

Shotaro Gono, Harumi Akita, Takashi Ichihara (the first-year students in Junior High School of Kogakuin University)

The presentation in English was a good try for them who have just began to learn English, getting a hint from videos in AFP.


The teachers to supervise the presentations

Ms. Yoko Miyoshi, teacher of Tokyo Inter-High School


Ms. Junko Kato, teacher of Tokyo Inter-High School


Mr. Kazuya Takahashi, teacher of Junior High School of Kogakuin University


Associate companies
Mr. Kenichi Kaku, Creative Link Corporation


Mr. Hidekatsu Shimono, Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd


Afternoon Part (13:00-16:30) :  the Secondary Selection of the 13th BBCoach Project


The web contest, the gateway to success for young web creators have been held since 2003.  A lot of junior high and high school students tried to present their free ideas using the internet.  There were seven presentations by the finalists and the final examination this day.

Click here to see the results.



The events including morning and afternoon parts will be uploaded soon on YouTube

Thank you very much for joining and cooperating.

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Presented by International Learning Program Research Committee


In association with BBCoach Project


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