Junior high school students trying the project making their learning logs in SNS!

Since Spring in 2016, some junior high school students have been trying to making their learning logs in SNS service.

“i-create” is the SNS, educational use SNS offered by Round Table Com, Inc.
Challengers are Keio Gijuku Futsubu students. All 9th grade boys are registered. Students who have participate to the “plurlingual” class are positive users.
They make their own projects and learn multiple languages and make some achievements. They also make their learning records as their journals of their learning process. Some are struggling but after one year training, they have so many challenges through this projects.

They have new jounarl application “i-TanQ” connected to SNS “i-create” Your journal data in “i-TanQ” automatically connects the database of  “i-create” your own diary page. The data are also reflects your “iCal” and “Google Calendar” server, so you can protect your learning log data in several servers. This method will be the new technology  data protection in near future, we believe.

You can also collect your learning time in”i-TanQ” server, and have your own graph service. Your teachers can check your process of the project of your learning.

i-TanQ” is now progress its technology. You can have new tips soon. We are planing to connect to “Edmodo”  service,  also. So stay tunes!

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