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ICT, Education & Active Web Solution.


Round Table Com, Inc. (有)ラウンドテーブルコム
Estabished 1995. 1995年10月設立
Capital ¥5,000,000 資本金500万円
CEO Tomio Yanagisawa 代表取締役社長 柳沢富夫
8-2-10-707 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo, zip 141-0031, Japan.
TEL 03-5434-7524
FAX 03-5424-7694


Project Management, the art of the arrangements, has been standardized in the world. We think PM is the significant learning subject as much as English to cultivate human resources acting globally. From elementary school to university, Project Management has been adopted as a trial to cultivate independent learners thinking by themselves and organizing the team through the experience-based learning.