Message from the Principle of PM Gijuku

There is a famous phrase, “Boys be ambitious!” as you know.

How about you?  Are you ambitious?

Have you push forward to your goal?

Have you ever experienced to reach your goal to cooperate with your team that might not be done only by yourself?

We have been providing the learning environment like mentioned above.

Would you like to learn the art that you can grow having a bigger dream with some assistance?

PM Gijuku, the arrangements academy offers the services.

Sometimes it is too hard to obtain a big goal all alone.  What if you can reach a goal by cooperating with a group and share the happy feeling of achievement with them?  What if there is the most appropriate and the shortest course for you?

Of course there should be such subject in general school.  But we would like to begin as a juku open to anyone who is not a student, even to adults.

Have you heard of Project Management?  Our service is based on the concept of PM.

PM is a pack of our ancestors’ wisdom that is helpful in business. As PM is the common concept over the world, you can work on projects in the way of PM wherever you go.

While English is the international language, you can say Project Management is the international business arrangements.  I have acquired results in the various kinds of educational and learning field as follows.

2013             Submitted a paper to PM Association titled “Project Management in Secondary Education Utilizing School Events – Approaches and Practices of PBL”

2013             Introduced Project Management to the activity of Super Science High School in Tokyo Metropolitan Toyama High School

2012             Submitted a paper “What should Universities do by introducing SNS?” to Daigaku Jiho of the Japanese Private Universities League, the Nov. number,

2012             Joined as a panelist to CAUA, ” Examples and Possibilities of SNS in Universities”

2012             Won an achievement prize by Kanto Engineering Education Society and Japan Engineering Education Society, on the activities in Junior and High School, University of Shibaura Institute of Technology, and the activities in Project Management Incubation Association(NPO)

2012             Introduced Project Management to three schools – Matsuyama Girl’s High School, Seigakuin Junior and High School, Honan High School, in science partnership project

2012-            Part-time lecturer in International Relations Course of International   Relations Dept. in Ferris University

2011             Submitted a paper to Society of PM,  “An Attempt of Project Management in Secondary Education, 1.practice PBL applying PM to school festivals”, “2.practice Project Management class in PBL”  “3.the evaluation of learning outcome by Rubric in PBL”

2011-      Developed the curriculums “PM Momotaro”, “The Secret of Success”, “Storyteller Robot”, and so on
Wrote a paper “Project Management in Secondary Education Cooperating with Junior High Schools, High Schools and Universities

2011-           Worked at Career English Island in Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, supported to develop human resource who can work actively by using English

2011-       Advisor of United for Peace Film Festival, contributed to cultivate digital creators who can work in the international arena

2010-       Worked on the project, “Renewal School” to reform schools for creating the time spending with students, collaborating with Mr.Nishidome Yasuo, the principal of Onta Elementary School

2010-       Leader of HiPM in Project Management Incubation Society(NPO), worked on the project to train newly-appointed principals in public schools

2010-       Director of NPO Layerbox, worked on the project of video producing and local revitalization cooperating with universities

2009-      Leader of HiPM in Project Management Incubation Association(NPO), worked on the activity to familiarize high and junior high school students with Project Management, practiced “Science Hour” and “The project of Shibafu Festival” in high and junior high school of Shibaura Institute of Technology

2008-2009  Released a joint report with Cyber University, “A Technical Base of Mobile Education: about practices and possibilities in mobile education

2008-      Part-time lecturer in Networking and Multimedia Course in Engineering Dept.of Kanto Gakuin University, worked on “Media Workshop” – the project to transmit information by engineering course students

2008      Part-time lecturer of Applicative Communication Course and English Course of Foreign Language Dept. in Kyorin University, worked on the project of creating multimedia English – transmit type of English utilizing SNS

2007-      Joined an 150th anniversary of Keio University, worked on the project of GIS application on class

2006      Training pogram of Renaissance High School, worked on the project of cultivating learning coaches

2006-     Member of the Executive Committee of “Schools in the Global Map” by the ministry of LIT, worked on the promotion project of GIS in the field of education

2005-     Director of Shizuoka Video CG Association, worked on the video CG contest of  Mt.Fuji

2005-2007 Lecturer in Information System Design Dept. in Tama Art University, worked on “Internet Broadcasting”–the project of information transmission art students should carry out

2005-2007 Civic lecturer in Toyama Metropolitan High School, drew up the curriculum in Informatics, worked on the project of ideal class that metropolitan high schools should provide

2004      Researcher of Education Policy Research of Shiki-city, worked on the project of investigating the education that the municipality should provide

2004-     Fellow of Canvas (NPO organization), worked on the project providing the learning environment mainly by workshops

2004-    Fellow of ThinkQuest@Japan, worked on the project of web design competition between schools

2003      Member of COE Project of Keio University, worked on the project of the suggestion to Nagano Educational Committee

2003     Gave a lecture at National Institute of Multimedia Education, on the project examining the learning environment that a government organization should provide

2003     Gave a lecture at Science Council of Japan, meeting specialists of cognitive science, brain science, pedagogy and so on

2003     Secretary-general of BBCoach Project (broadband contest for junior creators learning Project Management)

2003     Gave a lecture at Ila Conference on the project of creating a social learning environment mainly in the university

2003     Gave a lecture at Interactive Education Society on the project of creating a mutually complementary learning environment

2003    Member of Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

2002     “TOEIC Test Instant Master” published by BNN Shinsha- about the project of building up English skill

2002    Researcher of the 21st century kids project, worked on the project of collaboration with the international stage

2002-2004 Member of the system investigation committee of Shiki-city in Saitama prefecture, worked on the community participation type project to support for truanting children

2000-2006  President of Atmark Inter-High School (the first virtual high school in Japan), worked on the project to build the learning environment that enables students to keep learning only by internet, and the project of cultivating support teachers

1999-2006 Executive Director of Operations of Atmark Learning Co.,Ltd.,         worked on the project of school-establish project

1997-2003  Part-time lecturer of Keio Futsubu School, worked on the project of creating comprehensive learning and Informatics curriculum

2013 Project Management Incubation Association (NPO) Auditor
2015-16 Project Management Incubation Association(NPO) Director

2015- Tomoesoroban MI (Multiple Intelligence) Association, Inc. Director

2016- The International Learning Program Study Committee Chair Man

2018- SDGs Point Labo @ Japan Director

2020- Kanto Gakuin University Faculty of Science and Engineering Lecturer

2020- 14th Asian International Youth Film Festival Executive Committee Auditor

Tomio Yanagisawa

The principal of arrangements academy “PM Gijuku”

CEO of Round Table Com, Inc

Project Management, the art of the arrangements, has been standardized in the world. We think PM is the significant learning subject as much as English to cultivate human resources acting globally. From elementary school to university, Project Management has been adopted as a trial to cultivate independent learners thinking by themselves and organizing the team through the experience-based learning.