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Let’s think about going to college with Project Management.  The highest charter of the project is, to pass Tokyo University?  Or college overseas to get a job at NASA?

Each project has a different purpose. That is, every project has its own purpose.

And a project has a period of time with the beginning and the end.

First, let’s start from some inquiries for setting up your project.

There needs to be checked how to supervise the learning environment, learning method, learning style, how to manage learning records and so on.

There also needs to be collected information hearing from schools, parents, cram schools, web sites and friends.

Then let’s examine the data of your academic ability and learning stage.  That would lead to find the educational institutions like college, junior high school, high school, or technical college that would match the data of yours in the end.

We, PM Gijuku offer the services that are appropriate to your needs as below,

  1. To find the learning environment that suits you.
  2. To make your learning goal with you.
  3. To go forward learning by keeping records.

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    Project Management, the art of the arrangements, has been standardized in the world. We think PM is the significant learning subject as much as English to cultivate human resources acting globally. From elementary school to university, Project Management has been adopted as a trial to cultivate independent learners thinking by themselves and organizing the team through the experience-based learning.