Workshop Seminar & Christmas Party: “Introduction to Learning Coaching in the BBCOACH Way

Message (Seminar Outline)

Against the backdrop of globalization and the sophistication of ICT, Japan’s educational programs will be required to cultivate “21st century skills” that directly link “basic skills” and “thinking skills” to “living skills” (ability to work autonomously, ability to form human relationships, ability to participate in society and responsibility for a sustainable future).

However, without the existence of “learning coaches” who bring out the qualities and abilities of children through PBL, it is actually impossible to lead PBL to success.

Since 2003, the BBCoach Project, which organizes web contests for elementary and secondary school students, has been working together for 10 years with a number of “learning coaches” to create projects that tap into children’s creativity, guide them on their journey of exploration, and bring a smile to each and every one of them.

Come and experience the endless possibilities of the “BBCoach Method of Learning Coach”.


<To teachers who conduct PBL with children in elementary, junior high and high school classes and club activities

<To everyone who wants to learn the BBCoach method of learning coaching and become active in society

<Fathers and mothers who are serious about their children’s education.

<Workers and students who are interested in the future of education and culture in Japan

Day: 21 December (earth)

15:00- Workshop Seminar

18:00- Christmas Party (light meal & 1 drink included)

Location: kaffir-mulphy

Participation fee: 5,000yen for a social worker, 3,000yen for a college student, and 1,000yen for a university student

(Workers 2000 yen, college students 1000 yen, high school students and below 500 yen)

<Introduction of speakers

Lecturer: Mr. Tomio Yanagisawa (President, Round Table Com, Inc.)

Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Keio University, majoring in English and American Literature.

U.S. Learning Success Coach Certification holder (1999-)

University lecturer (Kanto Gakuin University, Ferris Jogakuin University, etc.)

○ Profile details:

Workshop Facilitator: Mr. Koji Uemura (Regional and Local Government Organization of Japan)


Saturday, December 21, 2013, “The BBCoach Way: How to Coach Your Learning



Affiliation (social/undergraduate/university students).

Type of participation (workshop only/party only/participation in both)

Please be sure to fill in your affiliation and form of participation, as there are some preparations to be made.

If you have not yet decided on the form of participation, please let us know by 12/17 (Tue).

Application deadline: 12/17 (Tue.)

If you cancel your application or change your participation form, please contact us by 12/17 (Tue).

Please send your application to the email address below.

Please send bbcoach (at mark) (at mark) with @.

Project Practical Education Handbook Introduction Seminar

We will introduce actual examples of the learning assessment rubric, which is important for practicing PBL, and which has actually been used in universities and middle and high schools.


[Event Information]

Sun: November 30, 2013 (Sat) 13:20~16:30

Venue: Conference Room, Women’s Employment Support Center (3 minutes walk from JR Tamachi Station)


Introduction to the PBL Handbook (Keio Shimizu: PMAI Representative)

introduction of the e-book version of “PBL Handbook” (Junichi Kimura, Fasstep Inc.)

Introduction to the Learning Assessment Rubric (Tomio Yanagisawa, Director of PMAI)

Introduction of “Climbing Mt. Chogatake with PBL” (Tokuo Kusunoki, PMAI Director)

Fee: PMAI regular members, academic members, students: 1,000 yen PMAI supporting members: 2,000 yen General members: 3,000 yen

お問い合わせ:PMAI事務局 info(アットマーク)

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